a2z and IAEE Partner to Provide Powerful Features for Expo! Expo! Participants

a2z, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based event management solutions, and the International Association of Exhibitions and EventsTM (IAEE), the principal association for the global exhibition industry,  have signed a three-year partnership agreement to provide powerful planning and networking features to Expo! Expo! attendees and exhibitors. a2z’s suite of software solutions will be utilized by IAEE to comprehensively manage the event READ MORE

3 Key Event Blogging Best Practices for Better SEO

Blogging to promote your event and weigh in with your opinion on the issues that your concern is a great idea. However, are you staying on the right side of the search engines in your campaign to connect with your community through your blog? Here are three quick SEO tips to keep in mind when creating content for your event’s audience. READ MORE


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Digital Marketers

Digital marketing provides many opportunities for an organization to manage the customer experience across many channels. However with these opportunities come many challenges. READ MORE

ExpoNext 2014 ChirpE Photo Booth

Social Photo Booth to Entertain ExpoNext 2014 Attendees

Planning to attend ExpoNext 2014 in Baltimore, MD on June 25-27? Stop by Booth 201 to visit ChirpE Photo Booth at the event venue and get your ExpoNext photo taken for a chance to win an iPad Mini! READ MORE

Social Media

Tips for Social Media Success (Part 2)

Facebook: This is a great platform for engaging with your audience. One easy and fun way to do this is to ask your followers to write a caption for an image you post on your Facebook page. I always fall for this marketing ploy. I love to write captions for other people’s photos. Whoever is in charge READ MORE

Social Media

Tips For Social Media Success (Part 1)

Every day I see new tips and tricks for what to do and what not to do on Social Media. Having picked up a lot of helpful hints recently, I’d like to share my favorite takeaways with you. READ MORE


3 Top Future-Oriented Reasons to Automate

When businesses automate data collection, they realize some immediate benefits that are almost no-brainers. Cost reduction, elimination of errors and streamlining of processes—all of these are the obvious advantages of automating processes. However, in the long run, automation of data collection has the potential to deliver even more. It frees up your organization’s time and READ MORE