Last week, I shared some key tips for social media success on Twitter and Facebook based on my own experiences and research. Here are some more to get the most out of your promotional efforts on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn enables you to position your business as an industry “go-to resource” when you post relevant information for your LinkedIn communities. This builds trust from your readers, multiplies networking connections and increases traffic to your website. Not so fast… LinkedIn requires just as much planning and strategizing as any other social media campaign. By investing some time and setting goals, you have a chance at turning your followers into clients.
  • Which leads right into… know your audiences! You can easily lose followers very quickly if you post information that isn’t interesting or helpful to your readers. Post information that will enhance your audience’s knowledge base. Remember, it always looks better when the focus is on your audience and not you or your company.
  • Include your own employees in your audience. Let them know if you’ve posted something on LinkedIn that they will find interesting regarding your industry, or that will help them be more productive or make their daily tasks easier. They in turn may share this information with their networks and drive more traffic to your LinkedIn page or website.

When promoting your news or events, use several Social Media platforms to help spread the word faster and obtain optimum results.

By Linda Gibson, Digital Marketing Coordinator, a2z, Inc.

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