Advantage Credit Card Interfaces – Capabilities and Applications/Vendors Summary

If you’re looking for a new credit card processing vendor, choosing one that already has an interface with Advantage will save you time and money. Not all companies are compatible for integration with Advantage, and you want to make sure you are getting the functionality you need before you buy. The current list of supported payment READ MORE


Payment Variance Alert

Advantage allows you to set underpayment and overpayment thresholds and now provides a way to alert data entry when the payment amounts exceed the thresholds. Set Payment Variance Thresholds Set the maximum payment variances using the ARPVAR view and click on the check box for each whether or not you want to alert data entry when exceeded. Overpayment READ MORE


Welcome New Employee Brian Roskamp

Former ACS intern Brian Roskamprecently graduated from college and has joined ACS full-time. He is a member of the product development team led by Howie Brooks. Brian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he made the Dean’s List. He worked as an ACS intern in READ MORE


Creating Notes from MS Exchange Emails

As of 2012R1, you can use SVC125 to upload customer notes into Advantage from MS Exchange Emails. This is particularly helpful if you have a central email account to which all customer service requests are sent. Uploading these emails into Advantage as Customer Notes allows your reps to efficiently handle customer requests, whether it is READ MORE


Notes from the Web

Advantage offers API support for customers creating notes from the web. The API Method is WebNote. Create and takes these arguments (among others): System Name Reason Category Reason Subject Text Note Assignment Select That’s interesting, you say, but how might it be used? For typical customer service requests, such as a change of address or bill payment, there’s no sense having the READ MORE


Highlights of 2013R2

Here are some of the exciting new features coming in Advantage 2013r2. • A new Advantage view, AMBAGC, allows you to view and work with components on AMB agreements. Unlike AMBAGR, which is agreement-centric, AMBAGC focuses on the customer’s current components regardless of their containing agreements. This is a similar concept to SVCCIR; in addition, since READ MORE


Welcome New Employee Theo Rabban

Theo Rabban is the newest member of the product development team led by Howie Brooks. A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Theo earned his BSE in computer engineering and then went on to complete a master’s degree in computer science. Although he always had an interest in computers and technology, Theo didn’t really READ MORE


Creating Packages

Advantage allows you to sell some of your inventory items in sets or packages. Package set-up was restructured in revision 2013R1 and moved to a tab on the inventory view (INVDAT). This Tech Tip explains how to set up a simple package–a set of items sold as one item. Create the package item 1) First step – READ MORE


American Psychiatric Association, Gannett Government Media and Liturgy Training Publications Complete Upgrades

Congratulations to the American Psychiatric Association, Gannett Government Media and Liturgy Training Publications on their recent upgrades to Advantage 2012r1. Shruti Kulkarni spearheaded the project for APA, while the ACS team included Philippe Rowland as project manager, Linda Woodman as lead engineer, Larry Kleber as upgrade engineer, and Ray Zick as technical team leader. At Army Times, READ MORE