Bewildered by today’s tech-talk terminology? Blonder Tongue gives a video reference tool to help you understand the alphabet soup that exists in the cable television marketplace. Whether you’re in programming, sales, marketing, or management, by knowing the basics and the terminology, everything else will make more sense.

In this episode, we explain the various digital video content types and interfaces. The content may originate from a variety of sources.  Examples include:  a set-top box, DVD player, PC, video game system, or AV receiver.  The interfaces standardizes how the communication between various pieces of equipment beginning with the connector and the format of the information being transmitted.  We are focusing on Digital Content Types which are the wave of the future, therefore more important, more complicated, and possibly less familiar to you.

This video covers the following technical terms:
(A simple memory tool – when there is an “I” in the name, you can bet it’s a digital interface.)

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