A digital network solution great for capturing and distributing broadcast video content.

Welcome to the AQT8 Series Video 1. This training video shows you how to set up Blonder Tongue’s AQT8-QAM/IP unit but can also be used to set up the AQT8-IP. This product receives up to eight digital UHF/VHF over-the-air TV broadcasts and converts them to digital CATV QAM channels from 2 to 10 and IP. For our application in this video, we will focus on QAM outputs only. Please note, we will refer to the AQT8-QAM/IP as the AQT8.

Some assumptions are made that may or may not be exactly like your particular situation. We will go over what items you need to set up, whether it be items you should already have on hand, or any that are packaged for you with the AQT8 unit.

As for QAM outputs, this is covered in AQT8 Series Video 1.

You may view this video from the beginning, or skip ahead to different steps by moving the progress bar forward. A list of where each step starts is given below:

Packaging: 00:38 Step 1: 01:36 Step 2: 02:06 Step 3: 02:48
Step 4: 03:25 Step 5: 04:19 Step 6: 04:44 Step 7: 05:26

For more information, visit these product pages @ www.blondertongue.com:

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