Gerry Moran

The Top Opportunities and Challenges in Content Marketing

Struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of content marketing? We hear you. That’s why we recently caught up with Gerry Moran, a Philadelphia-based social media and content marketing blogger and thought-leader, for his perspective on the high points of 2014 and what to watch for in 2015. What were some of the big content READ MORE


Putting the Twit in Twitter

It’s safe to say that neither Bill Cosby nor Dr. Oz was feeling the Twitter love last week. The 77-year-old actor and comedian—or more likely, the person handling his Twitter feed—invited the Twittersphere to meme his photos. The ubiquitous medical expert, meanwhile, offered via his Twitter feed to answer any question. Both attempts to brand-boost went READ MORE

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The Fascination with Logo Design

If you were asked to define Nike’s brand, you might point to or describe their trademarked swoosh. Similarly, if pressed to define McDonald’s brand, you might refer to the iconic golden arches. It’s the panda for WWF and of course the apple with a bite out of it for Apple. But, in describing a brand as READ MORE

Two of the main goals of Hudson & Marshall’s Facebook campaign were to raise awareness about the real estate company and increase engagement among consumers. With a Facebook algorithm change, Hudson & Marshall decided to take a different approach and started advertising on the platform to achieve these goals.

Case Study: Real Estate Company Homes in on Paid-Earned Model

For several years after its debut, Facebook was viewed by brands and organizations as a relatively cost-effective way to promote their products and services. Companies could run branded Facebook pages—without necessarily dropping a lot of coin for Facebook advertising—and watch the needle move. Case in point: Hudson & Marshall, which is one of the nation’s READ MORE


Tracking ROI on Content Creation: How Can Brands Set and Measure Performance Goals?

The multiple ways content is created and distributed can make setting and measuring goals for a content marketing campaign tricky. We spoke to Dan Rubin, executive director, strategy, for Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a leading New York-based content marketing company, for his insights. How do brands determine where to set their performance goals for a content-led campaign? We READ MORE


Lord of the Wings: The Viral Value of Air New Zealand’s Latest Hobbit-Themed Safety Video

In case you’ve somehow missed Air New Zealand’s in-flight safety video, The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made, here’s the scoop. The video is the latest in a series the airline has made, taking the less-than-interesting on-board safety procedure demonstration to a whole new level. Previous incarnations have featured actress Betty White, adventurer Bear Grylls READ MORE

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5 Myths Holding You Back from Success with Video

If video isn’t the present of content marketing and publishing, it’s certainly the future. On a consumer level, videos have become so prolific, they’re an expected part of daily life. Our modern phones have become video cameras, editors, and uploading devices. YouTube has more than 1 billion users every month, with roughly 100 hours of READ MORE


What’s the Future of Automated Marketing? A Q&A with Wylei CEO Mike Monteiro

Want to customize your marketing messages based on an individual’s preferred digital device for each time of day? Well, according to Mike Monteiro, CEO of Wylei, a marketing automation company based in Lancaster, PA, that kind of customization is on the horizon. Here’s Monteiro’s take on the state of marketing automation. What’s the hottest trend in READ MORE


The Happy Marriage of Content and Commerce

Branded content has the greatest impact on customer-purchase intent—a lift of up to 125 percentage points—but just 39 percent of B2C brands have a documented content strategy in place, according to Content and Commerce, a recent study released by L2, a market research firm. And marketers, take note: that lack of organizational vision and process, READ MORE


Putting the Content in Your Content Strategy

An effective content strategy is only as good as the actual content. We spoke with Amanda Mahan, Creative Director, Digital/Social/Content, for The Clorox Company for her insights. 1. Determine the Type of Content The first step in any kind of content marketing, says Mahan, is determining who one of Clorox’s 40 brands is speaking to and what READ MORE