How to Post Articles On DecisionBriefs

Let’s start by assuming you already have the article prepared in Microsoft Word, or perhaps even an article that is already created on your own company blog.  If not you can easily type directly into DecisionBriefs and save your works as needed.

How to Post On DecisionBriefs

Sample Caption: Photo credit 

  • Once you’ve logged into your DecisionBriefs platform, you are presented with the Dashboard.  In the “Content” menu on the left side, click “Add Content”.  You are now presented with the content interface.
  • Add the title of your article (Using Caps) and you can now begin to add content to your post.  In this example, I will copy an article I have already written in Microsoft word, and simple paste into the main content field.
  • There are icons to Bold, Italic, Underline, Link and more.  Simply highlight the text you wish to alter, and then click the appropriate button.  In this case, I will Bold this sentence.
  • You can add images in any number of ways, but perhaps the simplest is to do the following:
    • Place your cursor immediately in front of the sentence or paragraph you’d like your image to appear.
    • Click “Upload/Insert” immediately above the main text input field.
    • A pop-up window will display “Add Media Files From Your Computer”
    • Click “Select Files” and choose the image file you wish to upload, then click “Open”.
    • You will see your file now uploaded, and the window now allows you to manipulate your image.
    • We can title the image.  It’s a great SEO optimization practice to title the image in a way that it can be searched.  For example – “Product name or description”
    • “Optional” add Alternate text means that you can add text to be displayed if for whatever reason the image fails to load.  You may want to make alternate text the same as Image Title.
    • Add a description if you like.  For example, you can add Photo Credit, description of what the image is, etc.
    • Alignment: If you’d like the text to wrap around your image, choose “Left” or “Right” and the image will be placed left or right with text wrapping around the image.
    • Size: You can choose the size of the image that suits your needs.  If you’d like the text to wrap around your image, choose nothing larger than 300px.  If you’d like to show the full size image, please do not exceed 600px.
    • Use as Featured image: Clicking this will create a thumbnail image and we suggest you click “Use As Featured Image” and then “Insert into Post”.
    • Once your article is basically complete, you need to decide if you will “Gate” your content to acquire sales leads.  This basically means you will provide part of your article free, and require the reader to register to receive the rest of the article, white paper download, or video.  See our video tutorial on how to simply gate your content.  For this example, I will simply Click “Gate – YES”.  Immediately you will see all of the default questions.  Click “Required”, “Optional” or “Off” depending on what data you’d like to collect from your leads.
    • Now we are going to scroll up to the right column of the platform interface.
    • Add the Author’s Name
    • Add Tags:  This is an important section because this becomes key words that can easily be found by search engines or internal DecisionBriefs search.  We suggest adding up to 5 tags, each separated by a comma.  I would suggest one of the keywords should be your company name.
    • Now you can choose how and when your article will be published.  We can click “Publish” and it will publish live to DecisionBriefs immediately.  Or you can click “Edit” next to Publish Immediately and select the  date and time for the article to be published.  From here you can either click “Save Draft” or Publish.  Your article is now ready to be published based on the date you have provided.  Alternatively if you hit “Save Draft” you can now go back to edit and any time, or pass on to your manage for approval prior to posting.
    • Congratulations, your post is now live.  We suggest clicking to your DecisionBriefs listing and viewing your article live.  If you feel you made an error, or want to make a change, you can go back to your login and edit the post at will.


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