Booz Allen- Critical Mention

Broadcast Coverage of Booz Allen Surges in Wake of Snowden Case

Media attention on Booz Allen Hamilton exploded this week because of the Edward Snowden whistleblowing case. PR professionals will be watching how the Virginia-based tech consulting firm deals with a crisis that drove TV and radio airings from a mere 10 in May to a staggering 908 in the first 11 days of June. If any firm READ MORE

TV McKinsey

TV is tops in McKinsey news consumption study

While many of us are tethered to smart phones from the time we awaken each morning to the time we plug our handsets in for an overnight battery charge, a new study shows that consumers spend READ MORE

College PR backlash- Critical Mention

College PR: Backlash over commencement speakers

One of the most searched terms in the Critical Mention platform this time of year is “commencement speaker,” but it might just as well be “graduation controversy.” Colleges and universities do their best to attract newsworthy READ MORE


Critical Minute – Oh, Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada is the largest financial institution in Canada. So large, that the bank’s global operations employ more people than currently reside in Prince George, British Columbia (around 80,000). Regrettably to the bank and their public image, a whistleblower recently unveiled a heinous scheme by the institution that represents more than 15 million READ MORE


Critical Minute – Your extra pair could be their first

Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that has delivered 19 million pairs of shoes since its founding in 2005.  The organization collects overstock and used shoes from warehouses and collection boxes from across the United States. These shoes are then delivered free of charge to people in over 129 countries. Shoes4Souls relies heavily on local organizers. These READ MORE


Critical Minute – As Goes Nolan Ryan, So Goes Texas

Less than an hour’s drive inland from Galveston, sits the small town in Alvin, Texas. There’s little of note of the town, except for a museum that houses a collection from one of Texas’ greatest sons: Nolan Ryan. It’s a remarkable story, a young boy who grew up throwing objects at just about anything… to major READ MORE


Critical Minute – Rewriting Firearm Safety

With more than five million rifles produced and billions of rounds fired over nearly five decades, the Remington Model 700 rifle has undoubtedly been the preferred choice for millions of hunters, shooting enthusiasts, military and law enforcement personnel. It has also been the focus of a CNBC 10-month investigation that originally aired in 2010 under the title “RemingtonUnder READ MORE


Critical Minute – Public Opinion Makes a City

Nestled around virgin bottomland hardwood forest on the banks of the Ohio River and surrounded by low rolling hills…. sits the best city in the country in which “to live, work and play” by the readers in Kiplinger in 2008. The local economy is known for its stability, diversity and vitality. It’s also in the 103rd-largest READ MORE


Critical Minute – Redeveloping Public Opinion, Part 1

For planned community developers in the know, there’s no better place to find a good deal on large real estate purchases than the local government. That’s because the past several years have seen local governments go bankrupt, such as the city of Stockton, California. So it’s no surprise when school board members find relief to have READ MORE


Critical Minute – PRSSA & Eastern Maine Medical Center

Music saves lives. Besides encouraging relaxation and reducing stress, music therapy has been shown to affect sleep patterns, improve memory, and decrease the need for medication. Music is also a powerful instrument for fundraising. A praiseworthy case study can be found with the Husson and NESCOM chapters of the Public Relations Student Society of America. For these READ MORE