The movie, The Lion King, opens with a green oasis of an African rain forest to the sweeping beauty of the Serengeti. For many… It’s a land still untouched – by freedom of speech and justice.

Hollywood and most importantly… media outlets have had a difficult time balancing the picturesque with countless crimes against humanity on the vast continent of Africa.

Earlier this month, Kenya declared a new president, Uhuru Kenyatta. This is Kenya’s richest man and son of its founding president, who also faces trial.

The charges? Playing a leading role in the wave of tribal killings that followed the disputed 2007 presidential election.

In order to limit violence between ethnic groups and to “prevent the spread of hate” several committees were set up to monitor the media surrounding the recent election.

The Media Monitoring Committee together with the Communication Commission of Kenya is requiring internet service providers to help in monitoring the origin of inappropriate messages. These committees will monitor online sources for bloggers inciting hate speech during the elections.

No clear definitions have been set between opinion and hate – but we can only hope a great balance is formed between the benefits of media monitoring and the potential injustice that waits.