Event Agencies are expert at designing rich brand experiences in and around major events. But now, brands are looking for more tangible metrics than “eyeballs”, “likes”, and “hits”. Brands are asking the tough question “How much money did that make for our company?”.

For twenty years, Image 4 has worked with brands to develop retail spaces – places where pure transactions occur. And for the same time, we have worked with agencies to build and execute the deliverables for event programs. So we live at the crossroad of Experiences and Transactions. This gives us a unique perspective and loads of data to enable partners in activating this crossover.

In the past five years, these worlds are overlapping and integrating. Brands realize that the mall or in-line shopping experience is being assaulted from all fronts: reducing disposable income, way too many competitors, and above all, the Amazon (r) affect. Brands are looking for differentiation at the point of sale, as well as in the consumer’s mind. Agencies are being asked to implement revenue-generating transactional operations both to move product, and to offset budgetary strains.

Download our white paper on the LIDS Locker Room Super Bowl XLVI project for an overview of how this interaction played out in a real-life program.


For more information on this program, or on how Image 4 can accelerate your agency’s pop-up and transactional-event projects, contact Image 4 at 800.735.1130 or at sales@image4.com

Lids pop-up shop at Super Bowl XLVI by Image 4

Image 4 designed and implemented this 25,000sf popup shop at Super Bowl XLVI for LIDS. Features included a richly branded, long-dwell immersive space.




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