The opportunity: Integrated Retail

“Designed as a brand immersion footprint with inventory, merchandising and layout at an aesthetic to create a fully transactional space.” Matt Walsh, AIA, ID+A Inc.


  • Develop a method to enable Agencies to manage rapid-deployment, multiple use transactional-experiential environments
  • Develop a method to enable brands and agencies to launch short-term, opportunity-based retail locations that are not RMU’s.
  • Add capacity to Agency’s event departments to enhance revenue opportunities
  • Develop capacity to respond to “demand-based” retail and branding opportunities
  • Discover opportunities to serve as a “Force Multiplier” as program accelerates

Variations on a Theme:

Retail is evolving. Event+Location+Buzz+Brand+Value+Scarcity=…

image4 range of complexity

Integrated Retail:

There’s a better way to plan, develop and execute the branded space. Image 4 delivers an integrated transactional-event program platform:


•Location search
•Site survey and databasing
•Space concept and design
•Materials specification
•Conceptual renderings and detail drawings •Supplier integration, project management •Fabrication, review
•Installation, set-up, and removal
•Graphic design, databasing, production •Seasonal update programs
•Kitting, fulfillment
•Crating and shipping/logistics

To read the full presentation, download the pdf here.

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