ReForm modular walling system allows projects to go from “concepts to keys” in under 12 weeks.

Pop-Up Product Spotlight

ReForm becomes the event agency’s go-to pop-up store exhibit system.

No pop-up fabricator has attempted a component-based pop-up solution—until now. Image 4 has joined forces with England’s Protean Design to take the latter’s ReForm system to market as a turnkey, floor-to-ceiling pop-up store solution.

ReForm is modular wall system that combines sound architecture, rapid deployment, high aesthetic value, and ease of use and re-use that should put it on any pop-up designer’s radar screen.

The big differences from all other building systems:

- When the panels are assembled into the framework, the extrusion is completely hidden, resulting in a flat, nearly seamless wall surface.

- The panels are clipped to the face of the extrusion with a retaining clip, and it becomes load bearing in sheer and in torque. The panels snap in and out of extrusion retainers with a special tool, and it takes about a minute to install a four by eight panel, and 15 seconds to remove one.

- The system supports all architectural finishing techniques we use today, from laminates and paint to wall covering and magnetic graphics.


“The system’s ability to accelerate the launch is amazing— depending on the project, we can engineer, specify and build anywhere from equivalent time, to half the time as it would take onsite. We have launched 800sf concept to keys in eight weeks,” says Image 4 CEO Jeff Baker.

Once onsite, a typical ReForm pop-up install is up and running in just two days. ReForm is a solution for pop-ups where the branded environment has a significant aesthetic contribution to the outcome of the project—where more than a graphics or paint-based solution is needed. The system delivers a high-value brand environment where the fit, finish and materials make a difference to the brand experience.

Using the ReForm system takes the build requirement out of the leased space. Site costs drop, because the client is not leasing the space while Image 4 is building the project in its Manchester, NH factory. For example, if a project is going to take eight weeks to build, a client may avoid paying rent for that time or will have to work out a special deal with the property owner. And once a pop-up’s run has ended, ReForm environments can be collapsed in two nights, as opposed to the five to 10 days needed to dismantle traditional construction.

“Now agencies and retailers have regained control of the build cycle,” Baker says. The ReForm system also minimizes the chance of costs that can be incurred for damaging or having to repair the building a pop-up is housed in, so it saves the time and materials cost needed to remediate the site.

Since Image 4 engineers and builds out each ReForm project in a factory, agencies and clients can actually walk through the environment before it is deployed in a location footprint. Before the project arrives on-site, This eliminates the unknown of what the space will look like and work like before it’s installed, and makes it easier to refine designs and make changes quickly and at lower costs than custom builds.

The fact that ReForm can be leased or rented easily allows projects that are planned for a short-term run to go long-term if they are successful. The end product can also be moved from one location to another, with the same aesthetic results. An added bonus: In most jurisdictions ReForm is considered a shop fixture; it doesn’t require building permits to install. “It’s just like going and putting paint on the wall, except now you’ve got an entire environment,” Baker says.

To read what Event Design Magazine has to say about ReForm and how it will help Event Agencies, download the article here.

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