There’s a real art and science to not only finding the right location, but then working with realtors and landlords to put a short-term deal together.

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Popup: It’s about the Deal

  • You need Property, Yesterday.
  • The Landlord/Broker wants Income
    • Conventional negotiation: lawyers, guns, money…MONTHS!
    • Conventional Lease…ten years!
  • “Get to Yes” Mentality
  •  If not, move on FAST

It’s about TIME: TIME is MONEY

  • Popups are fast moving projects
  • Property is at a premium in most prime locations
  • Have your budget together FIRST.
  • Know negotiating parameters, and how money will affect your program
  • What is the value of “lost opportunity” and “in- market”?


“Like or Need”?

  • A highly specific space is hard to find = more time/money
  • List your needs & then consider which are actually “likes”


Make a List:

  • Duration in market/space?
  • Time to build?
  • Specific needs
    • loading docks
    • higher ceilings
    • unusual service demands
  • Specific adjacencies to locations, transport or event venues
  • Demographics

The Matching Game: Your Program Defines the Search

  1. Sampling program: Two days in market + 8 cities in sequence Requires 1 “kit”
  2. Immersive Brand Environment: 4-6 weeks in market + 9 cities (3 simultaneous) Requires sequence of 3 “kits”
  3. Seasonal Consumer Goods= 3 weeks in market + 10 cities (10 simultaneous), Requires ten unique programs


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