Environmentally-sustainable Branded Environment at Portsmouth Regional Hospital

Environmentally-sustainable Branded Environment at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, produced and installed by Image 4

Branded Environments firm Image 4 will exhibit at Architecture Boston Expo on November 19-21. http://www.abexpo.com/pages/exhibitor_detail/1389

Additionally, Liz Hummel, VP Operations, will deliver a presentation on specifying graphics and fabricating materials that support the brand’s identity and deliver a connection to their constituents.

“abx is the East Coast’s leading architectural and building conference, and it’s the perfect venue to introduce our environmentally sustainable graphic and fabricating product portfolio” says Image 4′s CEO Jeff Baker. “In the age of brand transparency, sustainability cannot be ‘faked’. If your customer positioning includes environmental sustainability, you need to carry that through with integrity, even to your facilities.”

Download the abx presentation within the Image 4 Decision Briefs content site.

For further information on designing immersive brand experiences that speak to¬† and align with a brand’s constituents, contact us at sales@image4.com or Jeff Baker or Liz Hummel at 603-644-0077





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