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Image 4 exhibits at Architecture Boston, presents on brand alignment in the built environment

Branded Environments firm Image 4 will exhibit at Architecture Boston Expo on November 19-21. http://www.abexpo.com/pages/exhibitor_detail/1389 ”abx is the East Coast’s leading architectural and building conference, and it’s the perfect venue to introduce our environmentally sustainable graphic and fabricating product portfolio” says Image 4’s CEO Jeff Baker. ”In the age of brand transparency, sustainability cannot be ’faked’. READ MORE

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How to Pick The Ultimate Pop-Up Location

Pop-up stores may be best known for transforming temporary spaces into high-energy engagement opportunities. Today, though, savvy event marketers are learning that it’s not just the environment that makes a pop-up “pop.” It’s the location. To help you master the details—from demographics to lease agreements and everything in between—the pop-up experts at Image 4 offer a READ MORE

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Modular Fabrication + Agency Assets = lower-cost, rapid launch popups

Successful popups require a blend of speed, aesthetic, and quality. Modular fabrication takes care of a lot of challenges, and the ReForm system is top of the list. Read more about why Image 4 chooses this system, how it enhances speed, and saves dollars for a popup launch. READ MORE

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Agencies and Brands Connect to Develop New Revenue Streams At Events

Event Agencies are expert at designing rich brand experiences in and around major events. But now, brands are looking for more tangible metrics than ”eyeballs”, ”likes”, and ”hits”. Brands are asking the tough question ”How much money did that make for our company?”. For twenty years, Image 4 has worked with brands to develop retail spaces READ MORE

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Event + Transactional = The New Retail

Event agencies are becoming the go-to partner for brand experiences. But how about experiential retail? In this Image 4 presentation, we review the retail-event crossover market, discuss current programs, and identify actions Agencies can take to develop new revenue opportunities with their brands. Working with your architect, design team and marketing team, Image 4 creates temporary selling spaces for trade shows, pop-up retail and events, and permanent selling spaces for retail, food service, corporate and public clients. Incorporated in 1987, Image 4 is managed and represented by an READ MORE

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The Event and Marketing Agency Guide to: Pop-Up Store Experiences

Insights and ideas for creating best-in class pop-up store environments. A broad-brush view of the landscape of experiential, branded retailing. READ MORE

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Image 4 Named as Environmental Brand Developer for RTN Credit Union

Immersive Branding moves from the event sphere to the transactional sphere. Image 4 delivers Visual Branding expertise to RTN Federal Credit Union. READ MORE

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