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Foundations of Digital Publishing Webinar

Foundations of Digital Publishing is a four part series that will provide a foundation and a set of best practices for establishing and growing digital revenues. Seminar One: How to Add a Flux Capacitor to Your Digital Offerings- In this session three seasoned and successful digital media professionals will present an overview of using a flux capacitor to move your digital offerings into the future. READ MORE

IProduction B2B Media

IProduction Driving Toward Digital: An Industry Survey Report

The journey from paper-based to pixel-based publishing is turning out to be a long one. Since we are headed toward a place no one has been before there are no maps, and while there are many opinions regarding the destination and the route the real answers will only emerge with time. READ MORE


Twitter Change API

Websites with a Twitter feed scrolling on the right navigation bar might have experienced an error message in late June. Joe Beane, IProduction’s customer service specialist, found the reason: Twitter moved to API v1.1.  The API is what communicates with IProduction to get data, displays, preferences, and feeds. Since Twitter updated to a newer version, READ MORE


IProduction Integrates With ExactTarget

Real-Time Database Bridges Fulfillment and Email Marketing Data Silos Many publishers face the challenge of integrating audience data between email marketing systems and legacy fulfillment systems.  IProduction recently implemented integration of ExactTarget web services to IProADB, the leading centralized audience database solution for publishers. READ MORE


Six Steps to Successful Responsive Design

Building a responsive design can pay big dividends, but don’t kid yourself, it’s a lot more work than designing a website. You definitely don’t want to cut corners—that would cost you later—but there are steps you can follow to streamline the process for both economy and speed. READ MORE

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Case Study: Healthcare Innovation Center – An Integrated Lead Generation Microsite

In October of 2012, SourceMedia’s Health Data Management, an online B2B magazine, created the Healthcare Innovation Center. This online microsite takes the form of a virtual hospital in which healthcare CIOs, CMIOs, IT directors and others can learn about innovations in the field. READ MORE


Case Study: IProADB Integrates Autism File With Belvoir Media Group’s Company Systems

Belvoir Media Group LLC is a leading publisher of reader-focused magazines, newsletters, books, websites, and electronic media. The company’s information products cover interests from human wellness and organic living to antiques, sailboats, pet care, and general aviation. READ MORE