Digital Cinema Will Soon be the Norm, Even at Drive-in Theatres

It’s now common practice. Using digital format movies in theaters, as opposed to 35-millimeter prints is becoming the norm. Part of this is due to the 21st century movie-goers who demand a theater that offers an enhanced experience, and part is the necessity to lower the expense of creating digital vs. traditional movie reels.  Digital delivery READ MORE

See how our Fazzt technology stops the data-eating monster in its tracks.

Bye-Bye Data-Eating Monster – KenCast Delivers Content Reliably, Accurately

Looking for cutting edge technology to deliver your data safely and accurately? Check out our new video and learn why the military, entertainment and media have trusted us to deliver their content safely and securely for two decades. KenCast’s content delivery products are unparalleled in their reliability and efficiency. That’s why several TV news networks, Hollywood READ MORE


Visit us at NAB – See Why CinemaPro is Hollywood’s Digital Cinema Star

Did you hear the news?  Our CinemaPro digital cinema appliance is part of a superstar deal with DCDC and top Hollywood movie studios: KenCast has signed a deal with DCDC (Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition), the joint venture satellite distribution operation between Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Lionsgate, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures and DCIP (Digital Cinema READ MORE

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The EdgeSpan CinemaPro Digital Cinema Appliance

KenCast’s  EdgeSpan CinemaPro , with next generation technology, is currently used by the top-grossing movie houses in North America.   Ever increasing resolution means larger files and live event-to-theater coverage offers new revenue opportunities.  The CinemaPro  enables delivery of very large movie files and live events (with simultaneous recording for “time-shifting” with its DVR features, allowing READ MORE

KenCast Supplies Globecomm and Showcases New VazztCaster Webinar Video

News Announcement KenCast to Supply GlobeComm August 14, 2012. KenCast is proud to announce its deal to roll out over 2000 Media Hub appliances as part of GlobeComm’s Tempo technology, in a deal with Rollins, Inc .  As part of the streaming deal, KenCast will provide uplink hubs and receive side appliances. This will consist notably of READ MORE

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VazztPitcher – The Mobile File Broadcaster

The VazztPitcher is KenCast’s live streaming software for sending/receiving very large data files and live streaming video across a wireless and/or wired network, supported by maximum bandwidth. VazztPitcher is next-gen video and data streaming technology that provides the user with the best of both worlds. It combines our two broadcast programs, the VazztCaster HD software program READ MORE