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6 Tips to Get You Thinking about Upgrading Your Proprietary Events in 2013… and Beyond

Proprietary events are becoming big business, which means if you’ve been running an event for a while, it’s probably time to think about kicking it up a notch. Here are some ways to take your event to help the next level. 1. Add a Digital Element Proprietary events are the beginning of a conversation, not the end READ MORE

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SAP Steps Up: Inside SAPPHIRE NOW, One of the Year’s Most Successful Proprietary Events

It is considered one of the year’s most successful proprietary events and one of the event industry’s most impressive reinventions. What was once SAP’s Sapphire was reinvented as SAPPHIRE NOW, a redesigned, reengineered and rewired digital + live proprietary event. The reimagined SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando event draws a C-level and top-tier executive crowd interested in being READ MORE

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Proprietary Events Heat Up: Spending on proprietary events on the rise

Event departments around the world are expected to double their financial commitments to the red-hot proprietary event trend in 2013. Proprietary events, the ownable, single-brand-produced events that so many Fortune 1000 companies are rolling out, evolving, tweaking and expanding, are generating some of the event industry’s fastest and most impressive ROI numbers. With good reason. READ MORE

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Experience Design: Tips for Creating an Influential and Visual EBC Environment

First impressions mean everything, and EBCs are no exception. The environment that you design for briefings is representative of the company—its message, its values and what it can do for its key clients. While it might seem like the perfect place to put your company on display, the design process of an EBC is the time READ MORE

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Landing Gear: Boeing Uses a 30,000 Sq Ft Customer Experience Center to Bring Prospects Event Closter to Its Brand and Products

Face-to-face engagement is getting big play across the entire marketing mix at Boeing these days, and it’s paying off. The old-school sales approach of inviting prospects to watch presentations and look at mock-ups has literally been thrown away, replaced by a high-tech, all-touch Customer Experience Center that goes leaps and bounds beyond traditional sales demos. Upon READ MORE

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Show Stopper: 3M Pushes the Experiential Level With Its World of Innovation

Succinctly and effectively communicating the depth and breadth of a $20+ billion company that offers 50,000 products, while educating and enlightening visitors to 3M’s people, business processes and technologies was no easy task, but 3M’s strategic team came up with the perfect solution. The World of 3M Innovation is a business-ba sed environment that takes guests down READ MORE

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Selling It In: How to Get Company Execs And Employees to Sign on for the EBC

The true power of the Executive Briefing Center as a marketing and sales platform lies in the fact that it often brings together representation from multiple internal groups to provide the customer the most in-depth, informed presentation possible. Although the marketing team might be the department most involved with getting the EBC up and running, the READ MORE

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On the Record: Briefing Bites from Top EBCS

Name: Candace Mailand Title: Manager-3M Innovation Center Company: 3M You pushed into the realm of EBCs because… We have a number of customer technical centers throughout the world, but we didn’t have one here in the United States. Forty percent of our operations are here, and it didn’t make sense that we didn’t have a place where we READ MORE

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Opening Doors: On-Site Tips for What Works & Why

A successful EBC attendee experience requires a variety of elements coming together to create an experience that impresses the customer and moves the dial on business. Three points to keep in mind when you’re building the strategy for successful EBC visitor interactions: Framework. Although every presentation at the EBC should be created specifically for the visitor, READ MORE

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Seven Keys to Creating Best-in-Class EBCs

In addition to being a significant investment that requires a great deal of internal support, both the initial design and execution of the EBC and the ongoing support of the center can require a greater allocation of time and money than many other marketing initiatives. Here are seven key things to keep in mind when READ MORE